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    Copyrights Registration

    The same applies to copyrights registration as well. Copyrights can be registered for literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and producers of cinematograph films and sound recordings broadly. The ambit of copyrights is quite huge and there are numerous works which can be copyrighted.

    Copyright registration safeguards the interest of an author or creator in any of his creations and gives a boost to his creativity. Often copyright registration is ignored or mis-conceived as applicable only to books, films and songs. In reality it covers a very large and diverse number of works including photographs, websites, drawings, architectural plans, characters, trademarks, designs etc. Most of the creators do not have any idea that their creation is subject matter of Copyrights registration and the monetary benefits that can be availed after the Copyrights registration. We urge the registration of copyrights which enables the creator to start earning royalty from such creativity and encourages him to create more.



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