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Income Tax Return filing

Income Tax Return filing in India, although not very complicated apparently, is actually quite complicated considering the far reaching effects that such data has at the time of assessments and appeals. It is important to know these far reaching effects at the time of filing of income tax returns. This is why majority of people choose to file their Income Tax returns though professionals rather then on their own.

Representations in Income Tax and Wealth Tax matters before various authorities

After the filing of Income Tax returns comes the stage of assessment. We appear before various Income Tax authorities representing our clients in very diverse matters. We also appear before the Commissioner of Income Tax and the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal for appeals regarding tax matters

Company formation (In India and Dubai)

We advise and register companies in India and Dubai as per the business and tax requirements of our clients

Partnership formation

For medium sized enterprises, partnership firms are a safer option compared to Companies. We help create partnership firms right for the drafting of the partnership deed to the registration of the partnership firm.

Limited Liability Partnership formation

We also specialize in the creation of Limited Liability Partnerships and conversion of partnerships firms to Limited Liability Partnerships.

HUF creation

Hindu Undivided Families are a very popular tool of tax planning although restricted only for Hindus according to the Hindu law. We shall you in creating your Hindu Undivided Family as per the legal requirements needed to be fulfilled under the prevalent Law and shall advise you how to use this powerful tool of tax planning.

Tax planning advise

We also provide solicitations regarding steps that are needed to be taken for tax planning measures to a very diverse clientele. Each client has different needs and different approach towards taxation and our advise to each of our clients is based on a lot of factors like the type of business involved, financial back ground, future contingencies, existing issues, allocation of funds etc.

Drafting of various contracts, agreements and mergers

We also undertake drafting of various agreements and contracts for specific requirements. We keep in mind the intentions of the contracting parties and the interest of our client. Each business sector has different requirements and all our agreements and contracts are tailor made for the specific subject matter on hand.



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